building the future of software;
one solution at a time.

Today, 6.92 billion people own a smartphone. That’s about 87% of the world's population interacting with a touchscreen. Computers and the Internet have brought considerable value to modern society the same way as the invention of the printing press and electricity have shaped the current world we live in. Simply put, technology permeates our lives.

Now, pundits are arguing that Artificial Intelligence is paving the way for a technological revolution on a scale we have not seen before.

At agemo, we believe that the advent of Large Language Models and whatever comes after will lead to significant disruption in how industries operate, how software products are built and how we interact with technology. For centuries, humans have engineered technology to enhance our capabilities and abstract away the complexity. Decades of progress have accelerated our ability to innovate, with each innovation compounding on one another. AI embodies the state of where technology is; hitherto limited by our creativity, only bounded by scaling laws today.

Technology is to be the servant of the man. Oftentimes, idealists and innovators stray from this core tenet and fall into the trap of building solutions, rather than solving real-world problems.

We are excited about the platform shift that AI is bringing. While there will be an eternal debate between skeptics and innovators around the displacement of human capital brought by technology and whether it is at the benefit of society, we believe it contributes to the betterment of humanity. Technology is at its best when it lowers the barrier to entry… and raise the ceiling. When it allows us to express ourselves in ways we could only imagine. When it turns ideas into reality. When it abstracts away the complexity. It is at its best when it transcends people, when it makes humans more humane.

Our mission is to build an autonomous system that enables anyone to create the software they have in mind.

Our vision is a world where software creation is accessible to everyone. Thanks to AI, we can create technology to empower people to create technology.

Why “agemo”?

In Max Tegmark’sLife 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the "Tale of the Omega Team" describes a group that develops "Prometheus," an AI designed to create other AIs. Initially limited in its capabilities, Prometheus rapidly evolves to produce software that transforms its creators into billionaires. Using this newfound power, the Omega Team eventually assumes control over global media and governance, establishing the Alliance.

The name “agemo” is “omega” spelled backwards. We believe in leveraging technology to enable anyone to build technology.

Hence why we are building agemo — to empower anyoneto build, to create, to aspire.

We aim to harness AI's potential responsibly and effectively, making software creation not just the privilege of the few, but the domain of the many.

Who we are

Relentless but focused

Moving fast and adapting does not mean delivering subpar work. Instead, we focus on shipping and iterating on hypotheses as quickly as possible, because done is better than perfect.

Competitive team players

While we all set a high bar for ourselves, we support and learn from each other by keeping one another accountable in an ego-less and respectful way.

Solving problems, not building solutions

Elegant solutions bring us satisfaction, but solving problems gives us validation. We are builders and innovators who obsess over the problem of democratizing technology, and finding novel ways to solve it.

We are our first users

Building something people love comes with endless iterations. The best way to iterate is to eat one’s dogfood.

The prepared and beginner’s minds

While what we have individually achieved has primed us for this moment in time and put us at the top of our respective field, we are humble to the fact that we continuously need to refresh some of our core beliefs and remain students of our crafts.