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the platform to create
pipelines for data processing
from natural language
Prompt to deployed software in minutes.
What you can build today
CodeWords functions can be thought of as back-end workflows or tools*. They can be composed together to create more complex ones.
*does not retain data, runs on a server, has simple inputs and outputs
How does it work
Powered by our proprietary cognitive system, create functioning software end-to-end in minutes without a team of engineers.
Step 1
Use natural language as the programming language
The more descriptive your prompt, the more accurate your function.


Planning high level steps for problem...

Step 2
Monitor the development process led by our AI system
As a user, you have full transparency in the build process from the architecture of the solution, to implementation, testing and deployment.

The query to find the most semantically similar image.

A sunset over the mountains
Images ZIP file

The ZIP file containting the images.

Choose file
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Step 3
Test and execute your function
Deployed in one-click, your function is ready to be tested, called via an API or shared.
What do you want to build?